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Figure 1 

Poorly finished facia board - cosmetic repair.

Figure 2 

Missing screws to dry verge system (caps over edge of roof tiles) - screws needs to be added to secure the dry verge system as this prevents water and pests from entering the roof space.

Figure 3 

Damage to porch canopy - cosmetic repair.

Figure 4 

Extractor vent not connected as pipe is too short - a longer pipe needs to be fitted pipe needs to be full length (up to 3 metres) in order to reach the extractor vent.

Facia clip

Figure 5 

Facia clip not attached to soffit - if left unclipped the soffit could come away and could allow pests to enter the roof space.

Figure 6 

Subsidence or heave - this is the most serious of all. Thankfully this is very rare in new build properties, but means the property footings have failed as it has been built on the soil that is prone to waterlogging. This is a severe issue and the homeowner will need to evacuate the property whilst remedial action can be taken to fix the issue, which can take months. In the most serious cases the property cannot be repaired so is unliveable. Please see the link below for an article written in Feb 2022 about a site where this has happened: 

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